Toni's Story

I started baking at a very young age with my grandmother. So my love and intrigue with deliciously looking and tasty treats comes very honestly. She taught me to go by taste and worry about how it looks later. Which I thought was interesting since her stuff always taste and looked great. So ideally, they both go hand in hand. I started baking again to share some of the desserts with friends and other family members. It was those individuals that suggested I start offering my items for sale on weekends at the Farmers Market. It has been an eye opening experience. I have met many people who have also become returning customers. I absolutely enjoy watching others experience my desserts. It gives me great pleasure to put that remarkable smile on others faces.

So if you haven't experienced my desserts, come and see me at the New Albany's Farmers Market in New Albany, Indiana on Saturdays. My booth will be set-up between the months of March and October.


Your Personal Baker,

Toni Thompson